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Hi everyone!
Since some time ago, instagram has been significantly reducing the reach of the profiles that do not pay for sponsored posts. Unfortunately I have felt that my work is no longer reaching those who are really interested in it. So, I’ve decided to create a platform of my own where I can continue to share my work and also that serves as a means of contact between me and my clients. Here you can also ask for quotes and book your tattoos through the “book a tattoo” page.
I will also use this platform to publish information about the projects I am participating in, possible guests in the future, among other things that may interest you. For those who want to be even more connected to my work, I´ve also created a newsletter that I will try to send periodically with updated and some exclusive first hand content.
To join it, just fill out the form in the footer.

Thank you again for your visit and hope see you soon!

All the best,
André Silva